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    You'll always find friendly employees, great food and a safe, convenient location to fuel up with ethanol free fuel.

About Us

Since 1980, Jimbo’s has been your choice for fast, friendly service.  We’ve grown over the years to serve our customers as an American Owned and Operated Business.  With our customers in mind, we have worked hard to find the best food, convenience and fuel.  We love our community and sincerely appreciate your business.

Speaking of fuel, we are in a select group of gas stations serving Ethanol-Free Fuel.  Reports have shown that ethanol gasoline can be harmful to small engines, like those found in lawn equipment, motorcycles and ATVs.  We believe that when you fill up your vehicle with ethanol-free gasoline, you’ll experience better gas mileage and superior performance.

With The Spot, we now have a fun place for Southwest Louisiana to meet.  At The Spot, you’ll find the same service and dedication to customer satisfaction that our friends have experienced at Jimbo’s for the past 32 years.

  • Jimbo's

    5402 Common St
    Lake Charles, LA 70607


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    Primary Phone Number: 1 (337) 478-4923

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  • The Spot

    Common St. and Leger Road
    Lake Charles, LA 70607


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    Phone: 1 (337) 310-0548

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